Lab Director

Dr. Donald House

In his research, Dr. House has explored many aspects of the fields of computer graphics and visual perception. His current research thrust is investigating how to make visualizations more effective from a perceptual point of view. He is best known for his work in the area of physically based modeling, championing interacting-particle approaches to the simulation of cloth, drapery and other flexible materials. He and David Breen compiled the book Cloth Modeling and Animation. Early in his academic career, House was known as an authority on brain mechanisms for depth vision in anuran amphibians (frogs and toads).

Associated Faculty

Dr. Brian Malloy

The focus of Dr. Malloy’s research has been program analysis, program visualization, testing and maintenance. His research into program analysis has entailed the development of parsers and parser front-ends to enable construction of graphical program representations to facilitate program analysis. Thus, Dr. Malloy’s research also encompasses compiler technology, grammarware, parser front-end construction and development. He is best known for his work in reverse engineering C++ programs into convenient graphical representations to facilitate program comprehension, analysis and visualization.  However, he has recently begun teaching video game construction and is currently involved in the development of an architecture simulator that operates in tandem with a video game to
teach computer programming.

Dr. Andrew Duchowski

Dr. Duchowski’s research and teaching interests include visual attention and perception, eye movements, computer vision and graphics. Dr. Duchowski holds B.Sc. (’90) and Ph.D. (’97) degrees in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University and Texas A&M University.  He joined the Computer Science faculty at Clemson in January, 1998.  Dr. Duchowski maintains the School of Computing’s Eye Tracking Laboratory.  In 2000, he co-founded the ACM’s Eye Tracking Research & Application biennial symposium and is best known for his Eye Tracking Methodology: Theory & Practice monograph.