Cory Buckley
Studying Digital Production Arts (MFA)

Cory BuckleyCory is very interested in the digital arts and hopes to one day work in either the movie or game industry. He enjoys many aspects of the production pipeline such as conceptual drawing, character design, story design, 3D modeling, programming visual effects, interface design, and even audio engineering. Because of his interest in digital art and his compassion for games, Cory is deeply involved in the creation of an educational game that aims to teach programming. He is also very interested in East Asian languages and culture and hopes that his future work will allow him to continue his language studies.

Cory has a BS degree in Computing Science with a minor in Modern Japanese Language from Clemson University. He is currently working to attain his MFA in Digital Production Arts and hopes to create a production quality thesis project out of his research with Dr. House and Dr. Malloy. To see more of Cory’s work please visit his website.