Meng Zhu

Meng ZHU is a second year PhD student. He has a broad interest in graphics and visualization, with his current focus on adding textures on overlapping surfaces in a volume rendering process in stereoscopic display for ease of human perception. Existing researches have shown that textures of special pattern can greatly facilitate human perception when viewing multiple overlapping surfaces, especially in stereoscopic environment. As volume rendering is widely applied nowadays, it is of practical significance to combine the technique with volume rendering. In the future, he would like to incorporate eye tracking facilities so that eyeball movement can be tracked at real time and responses made to enhance the visualization on the region of gaze automatically.

He holds a BS degree in Information and Computing Science and a MS degree in Operation Research from Beijing University of Technology. He is working with Dr. House towards his PhD degree. Apart from those focuses, he is also very interested in all aspects of C++ and software engineering.